identity-giving passion


In the project “Identity giving passion” I tell stories of people whose work is their passion. Rather than focusing on money, the process of creation itself is in the center of the subjects activity. They´re working out of a personal necessity to create something unique, something only they can do.

They are stories about persistence, devotion and the love of one’s own identity. They are stories that everyone should be worth telling.

Evgeny Vladimirovic Hlebnikov

Animation artist and educator

Hernandez family

Salt manufacturers

Adriano Ghedina

Head of Tech Team at TNG (Telescopio Nazionale Galileo)

Bruno Ferrin

Founder owner and
inventor at Osteria ai Pioppi.

Julio Family

Cigars manufacturers

Ramon Barreto Leal

Terracotta master

Barbara Thiel

Owner of a photographic laboratory

To all those who do their work because it is their soul’s expression. My father is one of those. Through your passion and daily engagement you bring beauty into the world.

The Gallery

Beauty will save the world